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“One of our company’s core values is ’employee development.’ For the past three years Dan has played a significant role in helping us achieve that goal while increasing the leadership capital within our entire company where the business operations include manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing and administration.

Dan has displayed a profound ability to absorb the specific challenges of each of our department leaders and develop specific coaching strategies to assist in their growth. Along with his Executive Coaching, Dan has developed training strategies and delivered world class speeches at our national meetings.

As a Christian business man I have a deep desire not only to provide for our employees physical needs but also offer a means for them to develop as a whole person. With Dan’s background and business acumen he has been able to support both their personal and professional development. Everyone that Dan has worked with has expressed tremendous appreciation to our company for providing him to assist in their growth.

If you are interested in nurturing a culture of personal development and improvement I highly recommend Dan to lead that effort.”

Steve Tucker

President CEO Circle Y Saddles, Inc.


“Dan Greer is a true and passionate leader of people. In all of my professional and personal dealings with Dan in the past, he truly adds value to the team and leads by example.

I can think of no better person to rely on when consulting on individual or corporate success strategy. I consider him a true motivator, leader and friend and would not hesitate to recommend him for your needs.”

Dan Kaufman

Vice President- Division Manager

R.J. Griffin & Company



“Over the years I have come to value your opinion on many things, but specifically your ability to effectively carry an organization through change and trying times without compromising your, and the group’s integrity, yet coming out a stronger entity.

This speaks to your leadership and ability to build the leadership skills in individuals to build an organizational culture that is strong fundamentally. Where individuals have a great grasp on not just its core mission, but more importantly, on what the organization’s values are so that personal and organizational growth and success are complimentary to each other.

In essence, a culture that can withstand the constant challenges evident in our ever changing business environment.

I know your company will be a success, as your uncanny ability to effectively merge faith and values in a business environment is a necessity for all organizations.”

Elisa V. Gaspart

President Strategic Consulting Group

“Anyone in a leadership role has a responsibility to understand that leading today has changed. Critical shifts in social behavior have created new opportunities for leading.

Dan Greer showed our executive conference what it means to lead with integrity and understanding. He did not speak from theory. He knows from personal experience how to be an effective leader. He received the highest marks of any speaker at our annual conference.”

Philip W. Arbuckle, CMP

Conference Manager, Utility Supply Management Alliance

My passion is to help develop leaders to reach their maximum potential. To accomplish this you must give equal importance to character and competency. Leadership development is an investment to insure that the future will be better than the present.

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One of the keys to sustaining leadership excellence in your life will be the practice of life long learning.  I continue to gain great value from reading books but I now find podcasts to be just as helpful.  Even reading through my daily social media stream often gives me exactly what I need for that day.  Michael Hyatt is a pro at leadership development: “Years ago, I wrote a list of “100 Things I Want to Do Before I Die.” It’s really an amazing, audacious list. Whenever I review it, I am both inspired and stunned by how many of […]


Effective leaders are no longer the person who sits at the head of the table and answers all of the important questions.  Today the best leaders have developed the ability to ask great questions that empower other people to be fully engaged.  Collaboration by its very nature requires a conversation and this Forbes post is spot on: “It’s humbling to ask questions. After all, the moment that you ask a question is the moment you reveal what you don’t know. To some, asking questions is a death-blow to their ego, while to others, it’s a stepping stone to clarity. In […]


For most of us we have lost the ability to engage in serious deep thinking on any level.  We are so bombarded with the many urgent and important inputs of the day we can’t block any little time to really think.  Even when we do get away and create the right environment we have no idea of what to do anymore.  This HBR post was challenging in a good way: “A famous but possibly apocryphal tale about Albert Einstein is that he dreamed up the theory of relativity when riding his bicycle. Warren Buffett is on record as saying that […]


I sincerely value the need for competency with every executive I get the privilege of coaching.  There are may situations where some specific area needs development to help this person reach their potential.  What separates the great leaders to me from the pack is still their character.  It’s the competitive advantage that lives within that demands excellence and settles for nothing less.  This Forbes Coaches Council post is a worthwhile read: “In Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers From Everybody Else, author Geoff Colvin says, “The best performers set goals that are not about the outcome but about the process […]


I often need as an executive coach to enter into conversations on all of the important differences between leadership and management.  In an organization, knowing the distinctions and valuing both roles is critical.  However, no one gets a pass based on a personality assessment of being the leader of their own life.  This Forbes post is excellent: “I would like to start this post with a challenge to one of our most basic assumptions. We are accustomed to thinking ourselves as individuals: as self-contained, uniform entities. I’m an individual with my own thoughts, feelings, needs, values, skills, knowledge, and talents.” […]