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Speaking is about partnering with you and your organization to identify strategic opportunities for leadership improvement. I will deliver high-quality presentations that will equip your people with the practical tools they need to move their performance from good to great.

speaking Stories

“I was extremely impressed. He was interesting, motivated and provided suggestions I intend to implement in my personal and professional life. I think it was very well worth while.”


Salt River Project Conference Survey

“This is the second time I have heard Dan Greer talk about Leadership. I think Dan does a really good job of compiling various leadership techniques, styles, ideas etc. from a myriad of authors and presenting those ideas in a group setting. I have found both of his presentations to be well worthwhile.”


Salt River Project Conference Survey

“I thought he was very good. It would have been great, if he had a bit more time to talk. I even went out and bought the book he recommended called Good to Great.

I really think that he is right that a lot of people as well as companies settle for good and then never achieve great. I have to say I see a lot of that at SRP… I also really liked how he talked about the different generations working together.

His statement on creating a culture where the truth can be told and not shooting the messenger is very true.”


Salt River Project Conference Survey

“I enjoyed your presentation. Your knowledge, passion, and ability to share your message in a variety of ways that enabled me to “get it” kept me engaged and wanting more. Thank you.”


Salt River Project Conference Survey

“I thought it was excellent. He’s a great speaker and kept my attention. I also agreed with his points (which always helps!). I liked his take on the type of people we should hire… more emphasis on character than competency; people who want to excel and will settle for nothing less.

I also liked his leadership finding that we should create a culture where the truth can be told… I don’t think we’re there yet. And I liked his statement that when becoming more participative, it’s really not a question of will the leader give it up, but rather will the people step up. Good motivational speaker. Good meeting overall. Thanks for asking.”


Salt River Project Conference Survey

“I thought your keynote address during our meeting in Destin was excellent. You clearly explained what it takes to achieve excellence on a consistent basis and the challenge to our organization to rise up was engaging and inspiring.

The discussion concerning “A players” and their benefit to our department especially resonated with our managers and employees. Your thoughts and explanations greatly enhanced our ability as managers to define the goal for our team; that being one of ensuring success instead of preventing failure.

Thank you for your passion and for the real life examples that underscored the effectiveness of implementing great strategies. It was very well received and a great motivation for all of us.”

Thanks for all your help Dan!!! We look forward to working together again soon!!”

Mike Little

Manager – Storeroom Operations

Supply Chain Management

Alabama Power Company

(205) 257-1703

“Dan was a keynote speaker at our Utility Supply Management Alliance educational conference. He spoke on 21st Century Leadership to a group of Electric Utility and Supplier professionals from around the country.

Dan offered practical leading edge concepts regarding organizational structure, leadership styles and applications that are relevant for the workforce of today and the future. Dan’s presentation was dynamic yet specific enough for all levels of leadership to take home and use.”

Rick Harrison

Georgia Power Company

“Dan spoke at our Leadership Breakfast for the finalists of Birmingham’s Best Places To Work event. Everyone walked away inspired and many wanted him to come to their individual offices and speak to the workforce.

He was superb! Obviously he has done this many times, and was well-read on the subject of leadership for the 21st Century! We will surely have him back!”

Ramona Graffeo

Vice President, Client Solutions

Reliance Financial Group

205-397-2457 DID-office

205-705-6517 cell

“Dan Greer has a definite passion for helping people succeed in both their personal and professional lives. In my 27 years of working in the professional arena, I have never heard anyone speak with more clarity and purpose than Dan.

There is no doubt that his drive and mission is to help people from all walks of life develop themselves to their fullest potential. Dan delivers his information in a way that gives listeners a clear direction for their mission to not only be successful, but to be the very best they can be.

Once you’ve heard Dan speak, you will want to hear him again and again. If your desire is to take yourself or your team to the next level, then having Dan Greer be a part of this journey is a must.”

Bob Weaver, General Manager, SCM,

Alabama Power Company

Dan Greer Speaking Development Process

Speaking Topics


The true secret of success in life is determining all the things you should be saying yes to and walking away from everything else. Before you can professionally lead others with excellence, you must first learn how to lead yourself.


There have been dramatic changes in the subject of leadership over the past decade and a half. As a society, we have moved from a positional style of authoritative leadership in the industrial age to a more participative style in this new information age. Leadership today is all about asking the right questions instead of having all the answers.


This is the truth of why we have so few great companies, churches, families and people. Good is certainly better than poor or mediocre, but for many of us we are not content with simply “good” results when we could be consistently accomplishing great things in every area of our life.


Most organizations are comfortable with just being good, and this causes them to live in denial about the new realities of global integration. When leaders fall into this trap, they are sacrificing what is best for their organization in the long run for short-term success that will never last.

Getting Started

A phone call evaluation or personal meeting helps determine your priority needs. Then a strategy would be recommended that could include additional meetings if necessary followed by a speaking event proposal. The group involved could be a department leadership team, company annual events, national conferences, and a wide variety of church program related ministries. If for any reason you are not satisfied with my performance then you will receive a full refund of any speaking fees.

Your initial session is free with no obligation, so we can both determine if I can actually help you. Contact me by email at or call 901.351.3109 and let’s get started!