Equipping People To Lead

Training is developing, teaching, and reinforcing daily skills, and is delivered in an interactive environment where people are able to transfer theory into sustainable application and execution.

training Stories

“Dan led a workshop on “Reaching Your Potential” at our annual Utility Supply Management Alliance conference. Dan led the group through a very specific process on establishing specific goals, (personal, family and professional) and on how to develop a plan of execution and evaluation.

Dan used a process that he himself has been using for years in his own life. Not one single person left the room during the 1-1/2 hour session.

He was one of only two speakers that received a perfect evaluation. Dan is an incredibly effective and gifted teacher and presenter covering material that is right on target for today’s business leaders and the workforce of the future.”

Rick Harrison

Georgia Power Company 

“It has been my unique privilege to work closely with many exceptional leaders during my years in service. I consider Dan Greer to be one of those distinguished leaders.

He is a man gifted with remarkable skill, wisdom, and character. He is a good friend and a valued counselor for this next generation of leaders.”

Craig Parker

Vice President of Institutional Advancement

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“It is a joy for me to recommend to you, Dan Greer, for consideration when contemplating any leadership development work.

His credentials speak for themselves. From the business perspective, he has a broad base of experience that establishes a foundation for the practical operation of the organization.

Dan’s ability to see the “big picture” and reduce it strategically to practical steps of implementation suggests a unique gift not often seen in our environment.”

Bob Sorrell

President, The Associate, LLC

“I have known Dan for several years and we worked together recently on a $12 million relocation project. Dan displayed excellent team leadership and organizational skills by keeping everyone focused on both schedule and budget.

In addition to managing a large team consisting of architects, contractors, and engineers, he involved the necessary staff for their input and approval of all aspects of the design. We found Dan to be demanding but fair and reasonable with the right mixture of toughness and understanding.

It is safe to say that the project would not have been successful without Dan’s involvement. His people skills and common sense will make him an asset to whatever endeavor he pursues in the future.”

William D. Reynolds, Principal

Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart & Associates, INC.

Dan Greer Training Process


Situational Leadership II
Ken Blanchard Organization

Situational leadership is one of the most comprehensive and effective leadership systems in the world.  I am a certified trainer to use this material that was developed by the Ken Blanchard organization which has excelled for over 25 years in helping companies become more effective.

Situational leadership becomes the foundation and framework that all other leadership and management training modules are built on.

The major goal of the program is to create a common language that is used by all leaders, managers and teams to increase alignment and performance across the board.




THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE: Kouzes & Posner – Certified Facilitator

This 5 step process is excellent training material for middle management and executive leaders. It can be provided in a one day or spread out over 12 months for executive coaching.   Its about the practices leaders use to transform values into actions, vision into realities, obstacles into innovations, separateness into solidarity, and risks into rewards.  Learn more here.


Developing Effective Leadership Teams

Developing Graphic 150924

Leading Change

The major reason most organizations fail in dealing with change is they are over managed and under led. Leaders must be able to leverage change as an asset and not a liability with the new realities created by changing technology and competitive globalization.

Improving Personal Productivity

You must learn how to lead yourself before you can ever become effective in leading others. It is critical that you know all the disciplines involved in goal setting and execution but that alone is not enough. What good is accomplished if we only end up getting all the wrong things done faster?

Reshaping Organizational Culture

It is critical that you define your core values and create a process that integrates them into your organizational culture. Storytelling is the most powerful and effective means of making sure people understand and buy into your vision.



A phone call evaluation or personal meeting helps determine your priority needs. Then a strategy would be recommended that could include additional meetings if necessary followed by a training event proposal. The group involved could be a department leadership team, company annual events, national conferences, and a wide variety of church program related ministries. If for any reason you are not satisfied with my performance then you will receive a full refund of any training fees.
Contact me by email at dan@dangreer.com or call 901.351.3109 and let’s get started!