Dan Greer – Leadership Development

My passion is to help people become effective leaders in every major platform in their life. It is simply not acceptable to succeed in one area and fail in all the others.

Image 1Image 3I’m convinced that if you’re going to reach your potential as a leader you will need to be successful both personally and professionally.

The goal of this website is to provide for you the resources you need to be successful in all areas of your life. I find the best content on leadership that I can and post it in the content stream for easy and helpful reference.


The greatest leadership challenge you will ever face is to lead yourself. You cannot pass on to others anything that you have not first lived out in your own life.

The most important platform you have is your family, and one of the most sacred places in life is the kitchen table. You should make sure you have the emotional, physical, and spiritual margin you need to give them your best…not just your leftovers.

Meaningful relationships and bottom-line results are not mutually exclusive. You can still be a great leader at home and at work, with the ultimate goal of leading your organization from making a profit to making a difference.

I love working with committed individuals, companies and organizations with a passion for excellence. Their character will not let them settle for average when they know they can attain greatness.

IMG_0031My background includes working in the corporate world for ten years in sales, customer service, and corporate management. I started this company in 2007 to help develop effective leaders in every major platform in their lives.

I would be glad to help you define the goals that are important to you and your leadership team. Then, and only then, can you transition from Good to Great and stay there.