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“One of our company’s core values is ’employee development.’ For the past three years Dan has played a significant role in helping us achieve that goal while increasing the leadership capital within our entire company where the business operations include manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing and administration.

Dan has displayed a profound ability to absorb the specific challenges of each of our department leaders and develop specific coaching strategies to assist in their growth. Along with his Executive Coaching, Dan has developed training strategies and delivered world class speeches at our national meetings.

As a Christian business man I have a deep desire not only to provide for our employees physical needs but also offer a means for them to develop as a whole person. With Dan’s background and business acumen he has been able to support both their personal and professional development. Everyone that Dan has worked with has expressed tremendous appreciation to our company for providing him to assist in their growth.

If you are interested in nurturing a culture of personal development and improvement I highly recommend Dan to lead that effort.”

Steve Tucker

President CEO Circle Y Saddles, Inc.


“Dan Greer is a true and passionate leader of people. In all of my professional and personal dealings with Dan in the past, he truly adds value to the team and leads by example.

I can think of no better person to rely on when consulting on individual or corporate success strategy. I consider him a true motivator, leader and friend and would not hesitate to recommend him for your needs.”

Dan Kaufman

Vice President- Division Manager

R.J. Griffin & Company



“Over the years I have come to value your opinion on many things, but specifically your ability to effectively carry an organization through change and trying times without compromising your, and the group’s integrity, yet coming out a stronger entity.

This speaks to your leadership and ability to build the leadership skills in individuals to build an organizational culture that is strong fundamentally. Where individuals have a great grasp on not just its core mission, but more importantly, on what the organization’s values are so that personal and organizational growth and success are complimentary to each other.

In essence, a culture that can withstand the constant challenges evident in our ever changing business environment.

I know your company will be a success, as your uncanny ability to effectively merge faith and values in a business environment is a necessity for all organizations.”

Elisa V. Gaspart

President Strategic Consulting Group

“Anyone in a leadership role has a responsibility to understand that leading today has changed. Critical shifts in social behavior have created new opportunities for leading.

Dan Greer showed our executive conference what it means to lead with integrity and understanding. He did not speak from theory. He knows from personal experience how to be an effective leader. He received the highest marks of any speaker at our annual conference.”

Philip W. Arbuckle, CMP

Conference Manager, Utility Supply Management Alliance

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One of the most important things I do as a leader is to monitor the margin I have in all of the life accounts included in my Life Plan.  I believe in work-life integration and not balance.  This allows me to have a short term deficit in one area as long as my overall margin is healthy.  However, when my margin is gone in multiple areas, I am in serious danger of moving into burnout. This HBR post will help you in regaining control: “You feel exhausted, ineffective, unaccomplished, and cynical. Maybe you feel like no matter how hard you […]


I am personally convinced that every leader who wants to reach their potential needs to develop a Life Plan.  This plan will set both personal and professional goals with specific priorities to accomplish.  If you do something long enough it will become a habit and eventually part of your character.  This Forbes post is an excellent way to get you started: “Habits matter. Good ones underpin our successes and bad ones undermine our health and aspirations. That’s why it’s important to intentionally build routines that align with what we want: a happy, healthy, successful life. If you know people who […]


There are more voices in the marketplace today that are telling us they have found the secret to success than every before.  If you will follow their formula, then you will accomplish great things just like they have done.  So you must find your Why and then do the One thing and walk away from everything else.  Eventually, I realized I needed to do My thing and this post by Jeff Goins will help you get there: It was a year ago. I had dozens of people working for me. My business was losing money every month. Everyone thought I […]


When I hired my first executive coach, I was stuck and did not know what to do next.  It was a time of personal transition and I had no clarity on which path to take.  To have someone who could ask the right questions and was not living under the pressure of the moment was life changing for me.  Since then I have used other coaches to help me take it to the next level as a leader.  This Forbes post is worth the read: “Over the past 30 years, executive coaches have gone from rare to common. Most people […]


It’s not that you are not going to get knocked down or fail that matters but what you do next.  Developing a Life Plan means that I have clearly defined my personal priorities that are driven by core values not circumstances.  When things get really discouraging, I go back to the Plan to remind myself of what is really important and start over.  This Fast Company post is very helpful: Some people just seem to bounce back from whatever life throws at them. Whether it’s illness, loss, or tragedy, they do the tough work of picking themselves up, dusting themselves […]